Residential Movers in New Orleans

New Orleans Residential Movers

Our New Orleans household movers will tailor your relocation to suit your exact needs. Whether you require a full-service move or just want to pick and choose from our services, it's up to you. Your Certified Relocation Consultant will come to your home to provide a free in-home moving estimate, where they will assist you in planning your move, coordinating dates and helping you to select the services you need.

Residential Moving Services

Wherever you need to go, we are the movers to get you there. We move individuals and families throughout New Orleans, Louisiana, the US, and the world with our nationwide and global relocation capabilities.

How far are you going?

A Local Move: Staying in the New Orleans Area
Even a local move can be stressful, but with the right preparations, local moving services, and care, you can alleviate some of the stress.
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Intrastate Move: Moving to a New Area of Louisiana
Hug-Condon Moving & Storage provides the same level of expert care and professionalism on moves across the state of Louisiana as it does with local moves and moves across the country.
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Interstate Move: Moving to a New State
As interstate movers since 1960, Hug-Condon has the experience required for a smooth, successful long distance move.
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Long-Distance Move: Moving Across the Country or Internationally
We'll get your belongings from A to B safely and efficiently-- even if you're moving thousands of miles away!
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Military Move: Domestic and International
Whether you're moving to a military dorm for basic training or across the globe to a military base, we'll make your transition smooth and stress-free.
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