Local Moving is Hard, Too

Family moving in New Orleans

Most people would agree that long distance moves seem more complicated and stressful than local moves. Moving to a completely new place can be uncomfortable since you may not know much about your new town, you may not know anyone in your new town, and coordinating the move does take more planning and work. With local moves, your social network isn't likely to be disrupted with a local move. Also, you can maintain relationships with companies you're currently involved with such as banks, healthcare professionals, veterinarians, and so on. You're familiar with your town and with the culture in the town you're in, so there isn't a large adjustment after a local move. Despite local moves seeming simpler than long distance moves, did you know that local moves can be stressful and difficult, too?

Reasons Local Moves Require Planning and Coordination

A local move may seem simple, but there are certainly some reasons why a local move requires careful planning:

  • Whether you're moving down the street or across the country, you're generally moving the same amount of personal effects and household contents.
  • Certain items require additional preparation or care in moving them, such as appliances, fine art, and fragile items.
  • Moving larger items, such as heavy furniture or appliances, can be dangerous if you're not careful. It is very easy to injure yourself if you improperly lift or maneuver heavy items. Some of these injuries can be serious.

Many people initially entertain the idea of handling a local move without a moving company. However, after considering the benefits of utilizing a professional moving company, it is usually best to leave the moving to the professionals.

Some benefits of using a moving company for a local move include:

  • Having assistance in loading and unloading a large truck. Heavy items can be difficult or dangerous to move. Professional movers are capable of moving these items safely and with time efficiency.
  • Most people aren't comfortable with or trained at driving a large truck. A professional moving company can safely transport your belongings while reducing the likelihood of damaging the contents of the truck.
  • Professional movers know how to safely transport items which need a little extra preparation, such as appliances, rugs, televisions, and more.

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