Furniture Storage Units in Metairie

Furniture Storage Units Metairie

When you're looking to store your furniture in Metairie, you might be tempted to enlist some friends and just throw it all in someone's garage or warehouse space and forget about it. However, no matter the material of your furniture, there are some best practices that are used by the furniture storage professionals at Hug Condon to keep your valuables protected and well-kept:

1) Look at Your Furniture Storage Options

Do you need to store away your furniture for the long term, or is it only going to be for a few weeks or months? Do you need a climate-controlled storage option or not? You want your most valuable pieces to remain safe, so making sure that everything is dry, clean, and protected is paramount.

2) Clean Everything

Before storing your furniture in Metairie, make sure that you give it a thorough cleaning. Clean your furniture based on the material that it's made out of and the recommendations for it accordingly. This prevents any unseen crumbs from molding and prevents leather from cracking in general, so it's always a good idea.

3) Disassemble Furniture if Possible

When relocating your furniture, disassemble anything possible. Tables, bookshelves, desks, and more can be stored in much smaller spaces if disassembled, and this will not only save you in storage space but will also save your money.

4) Wrap Your Furniture

If you're looking into storing your furniture in Metairie, then you'll want to make sure that any delicate furniture items are protected from dust and moisture. It's best to wrap upholstered furniture using drop cloths, blankets, or old sheets because wrapping in plastic that is too thick could actually create condensation if your furniture isn't stored in a temperature-controlled environment.

5) Raise Furniture Off the Floor

Unless you're going to store your furniture in a climate-controlled environment, try to keep it from touching the floor directly. It's possible to use cinder blocks or pallets in order to raise it up from the floor and add an additional layer of protection. Even a simple drop cloth can do the work as well.

6) Protect Glass Items

When storing furniture in Metairie, you don't want to come back to it later in order to find any glass components related to it shattered, especially if it was a large glass piece. Hug Condon suggests wrapping your glass in a piece of packing paper before adding an additional layer of bubble wrap for safety.

7) Don't Store Anything Covered in Food or Sticky Fluid

Regardless if you're storing furniture in Metairie for a few months or a few years, never leave anything food-related in or on top of the furniture. Not only will this increase the likelihood of mold growth, but it might also attract bugs or other critters. While Hug Condon prides itself on being pest-free, bringing in furniture that's contaminated with food makes the task that much more difficult.

8) Don't Cram!

We've all tried our hand at playing Tetris with furniture before. Don't succumb to the temptation and end up ruining a priceless family heirloom. Use the professionals at Hug Condon to help you disassemble, wrap, and move your furniture in a way that's both safe and efficient.

The Best Furniture Storage in Metairie

Our team of professional storage experts is ready to help you store your furniture in Metairie so that it looks as good as when you put it away when you go to take it out. To learn more about our furniture storage options, give Hug Condon a phone call or email today for a free consultation!