Will Rain Ruin Wooden Furniture?

Will Rain Ruin Wooden Furnitur  | Hug Condon

Wood is a popular, natural material that’s timeless in style and can be made into a variety of furniture types. However, how well does it hold up to getting wet? Most wooden furniture exposed to water won’t be ruined if the water’s only been resting on it for a short period of time, but if wooden furniture becomes damp or wet for longer periods, then it can cause damage to the finish and eventually the wood itself. To understand why furniture made of wood is so impacted by moisture, we need to know more about wood itself.

What Happens When Wood is Exposed to Water?

Since wood is a natural building material and often quite porous, it’s susceptible to becoming moldy. Rot eventually follows, and the furniture becomes ruined. If your wooden furniture is stored in a moist environment, there’s certainly a chance that it will swell from the humidity and start having issues. Paint peels, finishes wither, and discoloration happens.

Will Rain Hurt Untreated Wood?

Untreated wood is more likely to be impacted by rain. In warmer weather (such as between 65 and 90 degrees), wood becomes food and water becomes fluid for dry rot spores to germinate within. If the untreated wood remains damp for days, then damage is inevitable. Water can ruin wood in approximately two to seven days.

Can Wooden Furniture Withstand Rain?

In theory, wooden furniture can withstand rainwater for a short period of time as long as it’s dried off quickly. Wooden furniture with a quality finish has a better chance of withstanding the water for longer, but the overall time is still quite short. Furniture made of wood that’s not properly stored is always at risk of damage from rain.

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