When is the Best Time to Move?

The Best Time to Move New Orleans

For many households, the concept of moving can be stressful yet exciting one - offering an opportunity for new starts, a new home and a different lifestyle. So when it comes to the actual moving part of transporting your life to a new home, there are a few things you can do to make everything go smoothly; including knowing when the best time to move is for you.

Use your calendar to plan effectively
Whether you're a household with school-age children, you have prior engagements or requirements or you're simply very busy a lot of the time, planning for a move - especially a sudden one - can have a tax on your existing plans. If possible, planning around a gap in your diary, whether it's school vacations or paid time off, can be the best time to move for you; leaving you the time and energy to put into packing, moving and settling instead of stretching yourself thin.

Pay attention to your new location
If you're moving cross-country or out of state, it's not just the place you're currently living in that you should consider - it's also the place you're moving to. You might have everything planned out for leaving your current home, but anything from weather conditions to game days or simply busy times of year can make the actual arrival a chore. The best time to move is when both ends of your journey are relatively free and clear, no need for extra stress of even longer stints in the car or truck.

Think seasonal
Moving in the middle of winter is never ideal, and the same applies to baking hot summer weather where you'd much rather sit in front of a fan instead of loading or unloading boxes. If at all possible, the best times of year to move are the milder spring or fall seasons - giving you better conditions to move and less chance of being snowed in or sunburnt.

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