What To Do With Outgrown Baby Items

If you have children, then you know how fast they grow out of their baby clothes. Within a matter of months, you will find yourself up to your ears in baby clothes. The question is, what to do what all those baby clothes? You could donate the clothes, sell them online, or even put them in storage.

Most parents have those few staple outfits you want to hold onto. Whether its the first Christmas outfit or first birthday outfit, you will want to save those special outfits. If you choose to store the old baby clothes, there are a few things to consider.

First, you should make sure you launder everything before you put it in storage. This will keep your clothes fresh and help them last longer. Second, you should sort all the clothes by size. This helps when you are storing items and when you are thinking of donating or selling the items. By sorting by size, you know exactly what sizes and how many clothing pieces you have. Once everything is nice and organized, you can start deciding what you want to keep. Great a donate/sell pile and a storage pile. This will keep you from storing items that aren't necessary. Lastly, once everything you are storing is folded neatly and organized by size, you can start storing the items in vacuum-sealed containers. Once everything is packed into the vacuum-sealed bags, you should label the bags by size. This lets you know exactly what is in the bag without ever having to break the seal.

Ensure all your old baby clothes are clean, folded, organized by size, placed in a vacuum-sealed bag, keeps the clothes damage-free and fresh. Now that they are stored properly, you can find all your belongings easily for the next baby.

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