Want to Move to a New Home? Housing Construction is Up!

Good news for those people looking to move into a new home. Recent data from the Commerce Department shows that housing construction is up 4.1% since September 2009, with the greatest jump seen with construction of single-family homes at 4.4%. This kind of news is especially promising for those moving to or within Louisiana, specifically New Orleans, an area that is in special need of a housing market bounce back. Likewise, New Orleans moving companies may also see a spike in business with the increase in families moving into new homes, even during the typical off-season.

Not only has the Commerce Department noted an increase in housing construction, but the National Association of Home Builders says that their monthly Housing Market Index jumped three points in October. This is the highest rating it has been since June, and since it measures the confidence among homebuilders, it’s a great sign for the housing market and economy. If you’ve been holding off on buying a new home to wait until the economy bounces back or the market stabilizes, this can be a great indication that a big move for your family might be right around the corner.

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