Tips for Unpacking after Moving Home

Unpacking Your Moving Boxes

Moving is a tiring process and once you arrive, you'll probably want to take a small rest break to catch your breath. To help keep the process of unpacking a little organized and less stressful, we've put together some tips for you to follow!

1. Start with cleaning up every room

The rooms need to be clean before you start unpacking everything. If you prepared a box of cleaning detergents beforehand, then you're organized, but if you haven't, don't worry, just pop to the shop to buy some cleaning essentials.

2. Start with the bathroom

The easiest room to unpack is the bathroom, simply because all the furniture tends to be installed beforehand. So, open boxes labeled "bathroom" and place all your toilet paper, hygiene products, shower curtain, cleaning detergents and just about everything you will need in there.

3. Arrange the furniture

If you can, to help reduce your stress levels, you can arrange with your movers beforehand about where they should place each piece of furniture on arrival. However, if this isn't possible then it's time to take some time and place furniture in its correct position. This will make the rest of the unpacking process a little easier.

4. Arrange the closets

Closets are a good way to feel organized. Simply because, once you've organized your clothes, you can close the wardrobe and cupboard doors and move onto the next stage without creating a mess around you.

5. Arrange the cabinets

Just as you have done with your clothes, it's best to arrange anything that is going to stay in just one place. Put all these items in there designated space. Examples include electronics, books, ornaments etc.

6. Put up the wall decorations

This will help bring a personal touch to your space, and you'll feel like everything is coming together. Put curtains, pictures, and posters on the walls. They will also be out of your way.

Follow these tips for a stress-free unpacking process once you've moved home. Don't rush, take your time, and once you're finished, relax and enjoy a glass of wine in your brand new home.

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