Tips for Prepping your Furniture for a Move

Packing Furniture New Orleans, LA

Moving to a new house or city is always exciting, but the actual physical move can be a drag. When you hire professional movers for your New Orleans area move, you can relieve some of the burdens that a move creates. Even if you've hired a team of furniture movers, it makes sense to do as much work up-front as possible.

Remove all items from your furniture
It may sound like common sense, but sometimes people overlook emptying their drawers or packing up their bookcases ahead of time. Take out all of your drawers, especially if they are heavy, and pre-pack the items separately. Be sure that when you are packing up your bookshelves to be aware of the weight of each box. Books can weigh a lot! If you overload these boxes the movers will have to unload and repack them, causing your moving job to take more time and cost more money.

Wrap your furniture to protect it
If your furniture movers aren't also packing up your stuff, or you want to save money, pre-wrapping your items is a good idea. Plastic wrap helps to protect your furniture from scuffs and scratches. If you are going to place any items in storage, be sure to wrap any pieces that need protection from the New Orleans heat and humidity. Your furniture movers can provide the necessary materials for you to get your prep work done before they start your move. By completing this work yourself before moving day, you will save yourself a lot of time and money while lessening the chance of your furniture getting damaged.

The team at Hug Condon is here to help make your project as stress-free as possible. Contact us today to schedule your New Orleans move!

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