Tips for Packing Clothes and Linens

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Are you looking for the best ways to successfully move clothes and linen to your new home? We have prepared a step-by-step procedure on what to do before packing, how to fold clothes, different methods of packing, and general moving tips.

Before you begin packing, it’s advisable to sort through and separate clothing, hats, shoes, accessories, and bags. This will give you a good picture of what to keep. You can donate or sell some of the belongings that you don’t need. Make sure all the clothes are clean and dry before you start packing to avoid mildew problems.

Now that you only have the clothes that you need, you can start collecting closet moving items. Here are a few items you can use:

Suitcases - If you have suitcases, we suggest that you use them for your move. They save you the cost of buying extra cardboard boxes and are convenient for packing your day or overnight essentials. While packing, line the suitcase with packing paper to prevent water damage to your clothes. Make sure the shoes and other non-essentials are at the bottom. The clothes should be well folded, preferably using the flat fold method to save space.

Duffel bags - Duffel bags are an excellent way to move many things when you have limited space. Just like packing in a suitcase, start with the more substantial items and shoes at the bottom before packing the clothes. However, due to the shape of a duffel bag, do not fold clothes; roll them. This will help to utilize the space and prevent disfiguring of items.

Compression or vacuum bags - These bags not only allow you to store more clothes in less space but also protect them from moisture and dirt. Clothes can either be rolled or flat-folded with essentials at the top. Once you place the clothes, press them downwards to create more space, and then seal off the bag.

Dresser - A dresser can be a way of moving your clothes, but only if the moving company agrees. However, you should remove the drawers and other bulky items, leaving only the light ones so that the dresser is easy to lift. Tie your dresser inside the moving truck to prevent shifting while in transit.

Make use of these items to minimize the cost of moving. Visit Hug-Condon for all your residential or commercial moving needs.

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