Tips for Moving Across State Lines

New Orleans Moving Across State

You may be traveling back and forth from one state to another. You may be preparing your family for the transition. Maybe the only thing you have left is to move your home. Moving across state lines can raise many complications, but being prepared for the move can help to greatly reduce the stress of a long-distance relocation. When moving across state lines, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Automobile requirements: Laws and requirements regarding your vehicle vary across state lines. You will likely need to register your vehicle, update your address and potentially even pay taxes on your vehicle. Plan ahead by visiting the website for your local DMV.

Utilities and Services: Setting up your utilities to be ready for you at your new home can be a challenge. Often this can be a very time consuming process, especially if unforeseen issues arise. You will likely want to have your utilities overlapping at both homes to ensure you have everything you need during the moving process.

Tax Deductions: Are you relocating to be closer to work? The IRS actually allows you to deduct moving expenses and some travel to an extent provided that you are moving for job-related purposes. Check to see if you qualify for this expense deduction!

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