The Ultimate College Move-in Checklist

College Move-in Checklist | Hug Condon

When it comes time to move into your new college or university, it may seem overwhelming at first. This is doubly so if you are moving far away from home for the first time. Thankfully, the knowledgeable moving experts at Hug Condon have put together The Ultimate College Move-In Checklist to help make packing less stressful and more fun. By following our carefully-crafted guide, you'll glean some advice on how to pack efficiently as well as what items you should include for the next phase of your life.

1) Make Sure You Have Your Essentials

You might want to bring everything that reminds you of home to your new abode, but focus on what you'll actually use on a regular basis. College dorms tend to be snug, so take that into consideration while packing up your things. Bedding and bathroom items are far more important than luxuries, and they will come in handy in cramped spaces.

2) Organize Your Items

Before you pack up your things before your move to college, make sure that you get some storage bins and boxes that can be labeled so as to keep your belongings organized. Not only will this speed packing, but it will also go a long way to helping you unpack your belongings as well once you've arrived. On top of that, it will also prevent you from overpacking certain item categories if you aren't sure what you've already packed, yet your containers are rapidly filling up!

3) Find Out What Your College Allows or Bans

Some colleges and universities will have banned items depending on their culture or structure, though there are some universally banned items such as drugs and weapons. Interestingly, some items such as wall-mounted air conditioners and humidifiers are items that can be typically banned from dorms. It's also common for dorms to ban pets. Think carefully and make sure you know what's allowed before wasting your time and energy packing things that you'll have to find a new home for!

4) Make a List in Advance

Don't wait until the night before your move to put together a list of items that are important for your college journey. Start compiling items from various areas in your home that correspond with your new living situation, like bath and dorm room, personal care, clothing and laundry, school supplies, electronics, decor, kitchen items, and entertainment in that order.

5) Get Professional Moving Help

Sometimes we need to move a little faster than expected, or sometimes we need a little bit of extra muscle to help get the job done. That's where the moving professionals at Hug Condon come into play! By opting for professional college moving services nearby, you'll not only save time and your back but also have your belongings packed and delivered with minimal headache. That way, you can focus on the more important things in your life such as planning your first week of classes, and have more time for getting to know your fellow students!

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