Safest Neighborhoods in New Orleans

Safest Neighborhoods in New Orleans  | Hug Condon

Interested in moving to New Orleans? You probably are already familiar with NOLA’s famous Mardi Gras celebrations and Cajun night scene. However, for those who want to make sure that their stay in Louisiana is also peaceful and quiet when they want it to be, the knowledgeable folks at Hug Condon have put together a list of some of the safest neighborhoods in New Orleans.

1) Freret

Known as part of Uptown, the renewal of Freret St has led to special restaurants and unique shop fronts springing up around the area. If you’d like to have lots to do within comfortable walking distance, then this is the place for you! You’ll be able to still see rapid appreciation while also owning a piece of NOLA’s up-and-coming area for yourself. From shotgun-style homes to rentals around Carrollton, the street’s proximity to Tulane University and Loyola University makes it perfect for young professionals and university-oriented families alike.

2) Gentilly Terrace

If you’re interested in making a home in the ‘burbs where everyone knows your name, then consider Gentilly Terrace as your new home! Diverse populations, a friendly atmosphere, and newly constructed homes await you in this cozy NOLA neighborhood. These post-Katrina homes are revamped for the modern era with new families in mind, with Dillard University close by along with a 15-minute commute to the Central Business District and the French Quarter.

3) Central Business District

One of the safest places to live in New Orleans is the Central Business District. This is thanks to the district’s commitment to commerce, which sees its professionalism and security at heightened levels compared to other areas of Louisiana. Not only will you be in the heart of NOLA, but you’ll have easy access to bars, restaurants, practically-zero commute time, shows, and more. Perfect for those seeking the high-rise lifestyle without an absurd price tag attached, the Central Business District looks to host your lunches in Lafayette Square, entertain you at the Orpheum and Civic Theaters, and enlighten you with several historical museums rich in diverse American cultures.

4) Old Aurora

Nestled within the Algiers district, the friendly neighborhoods and historic bungalows allow for families and retirees alike to make fast friends with all this safe New Orleans neighborhood has to offer! Generally, purchasers are able to get more square footage in Old Aurora than in other areas of NOLA while still being able to take advantage of the close proximity to various amenities. This includes the ferry stop, the Lakewood Golf Club, Brechtel Park, and an assortment of quaint shops perfect for perusing on a weekend out. With low crime rates, a culturally-enriched population, and the Alice M. Harte Charter School and New Orleans Military Academy nearby, it’s a great place to enjoy the golden years or to raise children.

5) The West End

Rounding out our choices for the safest places to live in New Orleans is the West End. The West End has a rich history of diverse cultures while still being divorced from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you are interested in endless dining options and water vistas, take a look at the New Canal Lighthouse area or take a guided tour. The selection of marine-based restaurants will satisfy your inner foodie, and the quiet, comfy home you can come back to after the end of a relaxing day out will never fail to bring a smile to your face.

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