Reasons to Love and Move to Metairie

Make Metairie Your Home

Considering a move in the near future? Consider Metairie, one of our favorite places to live. Whether you know that Metairie will soon be your new place of residence, or whether you're just searching for the perfect place to which you can relocate, you should be thinking about Metairie! Why do we love Metairie? Let's count the ways.

1. It's Just The Right Size

While a massive metropolis is great for getting a dose of the fast-paced city life and small towns are wonderful for just kicking back and relaxing, many of us want to live in an area that has the best of both worlds. Metairie is one of these places; a little removed from the hustle and bustle of New Orleans, but close enough to be home to a wide array of restaurants and countless fun things to do.

2. It Has An Unbeatable Job Market

Living in a city with a growing and an incredibly rich job market just makes life way less stressful than it has to be. While there are hundreds of fantastic cities around the country, job markets play a huge role in determining whether an area is truly liveable or not.

3. It Is One Of The Safest Suburbs In The New Orleans Area

We can't beat this one! Safety is one of our highest priorities in finding a place to live and Metairie is one of the safest suburbs of New Orleans. Here, you can breathe a sigh of relief with the knowledge that you and your family are in a supremely safe community.

4. It Is Ranked One Of America's Best Places To Live

Does it get any more obvious than this? In all the hundreds of thousands of places that one could live in the nation, Metairie is ranked one of the 50 best places to live. That says a lot!

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