Preparing for an International Move

International Move New Orleans

Whether you're moving internationally for a new job or for a change of lifestyle, We know that the thought of picking up and moving to a completely new country and culture can be scary and quite overwhelming. That's why we have put together some tips on how to prepare for this next chapter in your life.

Create an action plan

Moving abroad is a mini-project by itself. Therefore, you need to prepare for contingencies, tasks, and milestones. You can use a notebook or computer software to develop your moving plan, which will help you do things in an organized manner.

Come up with a moving list

Take time to create a list containing every item you want to bring with you. Additionally, scribble down the things you need to do before moving abroad. This checklist will help you minimize stress because you'll not have to constantly think about the things you need. Also keep in mind that depending on where in the world you are moving, you may be downsizing or not have all the amenities you are used to in the states. This may affect what items you bring and what items you leave behind.

Get your documents and records ready

Contact your physician to get the updated copies of your medical records. Ensure that your passports are up-to-date. To avoid losing valuable documents during your international move, back up your data via a cloud service. Digitize all of your paper documents as well.

Plan for pets and automobiles

Look for information regarding importation if you want to take your vehicle to a foreign country. Also, make sure to get information on the process of obtaining insurance, as well as a driver's license. If you're planning on bringing your pet, familiarize yourself with the quarantine rules and regulations in your new country.

Label the packages

Since some of your items will have to go into boxes, it's important to put labels on all the boxes. Your moving service will use the labels to determine how they'll handle your belongings. Labeling your packages will also help you keep track of your belongings during the move.

Contact our moving team

Did you know that Hug Condon offers International Moving Services? We can provide the tools, resources, and expertise on how to handle your international move. Contact us today for more information!

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