Organization Ideas to Help with Spring Cleaning

Organization Ideas to Help with Spring Cleaning

With springtime right around the corner, that means that you can finally look forward to blooming flowers in your garden. However, this also means that it’s also time to take a hard look at what’s accumulated throughout the winter months in your home. Here are a few organization ideas to help with spring cleaning!

  1. Make a list of what you want to accomplish: you’re 70% more likely to accomplish something if you write it down.

  2. Organize your cleaning tools: brooms, mops, and more all belong in their own space. Make sure that their liquids are safely organized and at hand!

  3. Use the vertical space in your closet: hangers might not always be the best option. Folding and stacking in cubbies or totes might make the most use of open space.

  4. Use cabinet hangers: these are amazing in kitchens and in corner cabinet areas to use the space outside. It’s like an extension of your shelving!

  5. Keep pot lids and cutting boards vertical on counters with a custom holder: these are usually oddly-sized items that are difficult to store in most kitchens. Again, vertical space is everything!

  6. Keep your floors as open as possible: having to clean around many items or under tight spaces makes what would be a quick vacuum job a real chore.

  7. Invest in stainless steel nesting bowls and food containers: glass can chip and break in cabinets and even in use in hot ovens while stainless steel will nest safely to save you space in the kitchen!

  8. Utilize compression bags for clothing: these bags have valves that allow air to be sucked out via a vacuum cleaner attachment to compress clothes and blankets for easy storage.

  9. Buy a shoe stand: although women’s shoes are usually small enough to fit in closet shoe hangers, men’s boots and shoes are too long and heavy. A dedicated storage area keeps your shoes organized using vertical space.

  10. Sort out your garage: keeping your garage free of loose items not only protects your car but opens up more possibilities for storage. Plus, it makes a great staging area for sorting during spring cleaning!

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