New Orleans - Thanks for the cheap (but tasty) eats!

According to the latest Zagat Survey, New Orlean's is the nation's most affordable dining out locale. Compared to other cities' average meal price such as Chicago ($37), Los Angeles ($35) and New York ($42), New Orleans food is priced extremely reasonably at $28.36. Take that, other cities! A buck sure does go a long way in New Orleans, while you're having a delicious meal in New Orleans at a place such as Commander's Palace.

Also, New Orleans residents are quite generous, and according to the survey, leave an average tip of 19.7 percent compared to the national average of 19.2. I always thought that it was a given that you tip 20 percent on every meal, but that's just me. Hey every other city, for shame, it's time to appreciate your waiter or waitress a little bit more.

On the downside, 75 percent of those polled were not happy with their service at New Orleans restaurants. Ouch! I suppose you get what you pay for? But even though diners may not have been satisfied with their food, it's not stopping them from still giving a generous tip.

Keep your chin up, New Orleans, we know your food scene is amazing. We don't need a Zagat survey to come in and tell us how good or bad our food is. We know that places like Bayona, Stella! and Brigsten's are top food destinations in New Orleans. To the restaurants who have persevered through these tough years, we salute you and look forward to many more years of fine dining to be had. Whether your prices go up or down, (as they have as of late), we will be there to sample some of your delicious dishes.

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