5 Tips on How to Avoid Common Problems When Moving Your Appliances

Moving Your Appliances Metairie

The most difficult items to move when you are relocating to a new home are washing machines, dryers, refrigerators and other home appliances. In this article, we have shared common problems people face when moving appliances and practical tips on how to solve or avoid them.

1. Damaging the Walls and Floors
The last thing you would want is to damage your tile, vinyl, hardwood or carpeted floors while moving heavy appliances to your new home. You can use thick cardboard or protective plastic floor guides to cover the floor and exit paths. For the walls, you can use protective sheets made from thick polyethylene to avoid costly damages.

2. Lifting Heavy Appliances off the Floor
Lifting heavy appliances off the floor is another common problem people face when moving appliances. To avoid damaging your appliances and the floor, you can consider using appliance lifting devices. These devices are designed for any floor including carpet, laminate and wooden floors. They are ideal for all types of home appliances including washers, dryers, and refrigerators.

3. Moving Heavy Appliances Up or Down the Stairs
If you are having problems moving heavy appliances up or down the stairs, then you should consider using appliance dollies, electric stair climbers, hand trucks, or moving straps. Hand trucks and electronic stair climbers are designed to move items on a stairway, while appliance dollies are best suited for moving items across a flat surface.

4. Packing Heavy Appliances
There are several steps to take when preparing your appliances for packing. These steps include emptying several days before moving, turning off the appliances, cleaning all the removable pieces and packing them in moving boxes, and thoroughly cleaning and drying the inside.

5. Finding the Right Professional Movers
The easiest way to solve or avoid these problems when moving appliances is to hire professionals who have experience in moving appliances. Hiring the right moving professionals means your move will be as efficient and smooth as possible, and your appliances will be taken care of. If you have problems finding the right mover near you, get in touch with us. We are a licensed and insured New Orleans moving company with over 60 years of experience.

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