Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving tips for families with kids

Moving can be stressful. There are plenty of things to plan, organize, and keep track of. One thing you'll want to give a little extra planning to is making the move more kid-friendly. By taking a few extra steps, young children will be happier and you'll enjoy a much easier moving experience.

1. Prepare Kids Beforehand

It is natural for kids of all ages to feel sad, confused and anxious about an upcoming move. You can try and ease some of these feelings by explaining exactly what will happen during your relocation and what they can expect. Be sure and frame the move as an adventure or an exciting experience to look forward to. By stressing all the positive aspects of the move, children will be less likely to focus on the sad parts. If possible, try and take your kids to visit the new house and explore their soon-to-be new neighborhood

2. Throw A Goodbye Celebration

Giving your kids (and their friends) a party or celebration is a great way to provide an opportunity to say goodbye to their cherished neighbors and pals. Or in the event of a shorter-distance move, the celebration is a chance to exchange new phone numbers, addresses, etc. and can be a great way for children to get excited about their upcoming move while knowing that their loved ones are never too far away.

3. Keep “Essential” Toys in a Carry-On Bag

While you’ll need to pack away most of your children’s belongings into the moving truck, be sure and keep a small bag or backpack on hand throughout the entire move with all of your kids’ most important or favorite toys, blankets, and objects. In times of stress or anxiety, these comforting items will always be right on hand to help your children feel calmer.

4. Have Extra Clothes Handy

Kids make messes—lots of messes. And during all the upheaval and disorder that comes with moving, you never know what they’ll get into, or when you’ll need that extra set of pants. Having extra clothes of all kinds on hand can help you cut down on stress and keep kids clean when you might not have a washer and dryer immediately available.

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