Moving on short notice?

Moving on a Short Notice

Here's how to make a move on short notice a little less stressful.

Moving on short notice can be very stressful - more so than a regular move. It can throw things into disarray so that you do not know where to start, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Moving on short notice can occur for various reasons. You could be a military family, have been given short notice from your landlord or simply have put off the inevitable until the very last minute. Whatever, the reason, here are four tips to make your short-notice move a little less stressful.

1. Create timelines
When moving at short notice, time is limited. Therefore, you want to be as organized as possible so that you can cover as much ground in a short amount of time. Sit down with a notebook and pen and plan out your timeline right up until the moving day. Start by writing down the list of all the things you need to do and factor them into your timeline in chronological or priority order; don't forget to check them off when tasks are completed.

2. Hire a moving company
Don't leave this till the last minute as moving companies can book up fast, especially around busy move periods such as the ends of college semesters and during spring and summer. Get suggestions for reliable movers from friends who have moved before and browse the many options online, making sure you check out testimonials across a variety of review sites. When hiring a moving company, pay special attention to any licenses and insurance the company holds, their reliability, rate per hour and other hidden charges like mileage, stair fee or multi-stop fees.

3. Start packing
To make things a little easier, start packing as soon as you can, as many people underestimate how many possessions they have and how long it takes. For your packing needs, gather together a lot of boxes and start collecting materials such as bubble wrap, newspapers, blankets, and plastic bags. Secondly, get rid of any items you do not need. Because the short move time will not allow you to organize a yard sale, why not donate them or throw them away? Pack as many boxes as you can per day and, most importantly, ensure you use a labeling system to ensure you know what boxes are going where, what they contain and that they feature any important warnings or instructions (such as 'fragile', 'heavy', or 'hold this way up').

4. Ask for help
A short-notice move will likely require you to get assistance with your packing. Packing up kitchen items and dropping off unnecessary belongings to donation centers can all be tasks that take up a lot of time. Have family and friends come over to help with the process and even hold a moving party where everyone brings some food or drink. They will also play an important role in making sure you do not become too stressed and can help make the emotional upheaval a little lighter too.

Now you know how to make your short-notice move as stress-free as possible, make it even easier by hiring the right moving company like Hug-Condon in New Orleans.

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