Moving into a Smaller Space? Here's Some Advice

New Orleans Movers

A smaller house or apartment could free up time that you normally devote to cleaning and maintenance. It will also reduce your living expenses. However, it's vital to plan ahead if you want to enjoy a smooth transition.

Helpful tips
1. Take notes about the new home before moving. Notice how many doors, windows, sinks, rooms, and closets it contains. These numbers will help you determine what belongings you actually need. For example, you don't need more curtains than windows.
2. Consider selling or donating an item if you own more than one. A smaller dwelling might not require as many fans, TV sets, clocks, flashlights, tools, extension cords, vases, door mats, waste bins or hand towels.
3. If you have any doubts about your ability to fit a large appliance or piece of furniture in your next home, remember to measure the object and its intended location before you move. This could prevent a stressful situation on moving day.
4. Unless you're a minimalist, your current residence probably contains too many decorations for a smaller house with fewer walls and flat surfaces. Take the time to carefully evaluate these possessions and select the items that really matter to you.
5. If you own a big, heavy vacuum cleaner, consider replacing it with a small upright unit. Think about downsizing other equipment as well. For instance, you might have unnecessarily large air conditioners or a riding mower.
6. Don't miss this excellent opportunity to banish things that you simply don't want or need. You can shred superfluous documents, throw out broken electronics and give away shirts you haven't worn in 10 years.
7. If you don't have enough time to give away or sell items that don't fit in your new home, you could use a storage unit to temporarily set them aside. Rent climate-controlled lockers for sensitive belongings like leather goods and computers.

You may find it difficult to safely move items into a smaller space; you can benefit from hiring experienced movers. Hug-Condon Moving & Storage has served customers in and around New Orleans for almost six decades. Please contact us today to learn more.

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