Moving to New Orleans in 2019? Here's the best time to move!

Moving to New Orleans?

If you are interested in moving in 2019, now is the time to start planning this transition. However, there are some times of year that are going to be better to move than others. Moving is expensive, so you want to look for times of year when moving can save you money. Here's roughly when you should start planning your move in 2019.

Spring or Late Fall
Most people choose to move during the summer season or right before the kids go back to school. For families with kids or even adults who are in school, this makes the most sense because you won't have to worry about the stress of moving right in the middle of a school year. However, this means that moving company rates will be much higher and availability will be lower. There's also going to be much more competition for leases. Consider moving in the early spring or late fall, when the weather isn't too bad yet, but there are not as many people moving.

Most leases start at the beginning of a month, so that's when everyone is trying to move. However, if you can get a lease or a move-in date in the middle of the month, this will be much more convenient. You will have a much easier time finding movers and won't struggle with so many other people moving on the same date as you.

Avoid Weekends and Holidays
Many people also look to weekend days or days off to try and squeeze in a move, particularly if they have a demanding work schedule. However, this will give you a ton of pressure to try to get the move done very quickly. If you can, schedule a day or two off of work so you can focus just on moving. This will make the entire moving process so much easier and less stressful for you.

Although you may be tempted to move by yourself, hiring a moving company will make the entire moving process feel much less stressful. Contact a local mover before you set a moving date to see what their schedule is like and determine the best time to move in your city.

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