Moving From a House to an Apartment? Tips and Tricks

Moving to an Apartment

Whatever the reason for your move, going from a house to an apartment can be a bit of shock. While you will have less responsibility in an apartment, you will likely have less space and fewer storage options. Like so many situations in life, the transition is easier the more prepared you are!

We have a few tricks and tips to share that can help you manage the process with less stress.

Get Started Now

As soon as you finalize your plans to move from a house to an apartment, it's time to start going through all of your stuff. Tackle big areas like the garage and attic, as you will likely lose those vast storage areas. You can donate your unwanted items, host a garage sale, or work with a consignment shop. Be sure to use a critical eye when evaluating what makes the move and which items are left behind.

Utilize Smart Storage Solutions

Packing up all your stuff gives you a great opportunity to upgrade your storage game. Underbed plastic bins are a great resource for packing, and they have the added bonus of not needing to be unpacked when you get to your new place! Consider the usage of your items and avoid overlap.

Ask for Help

The team at Hug-Condon are here to help in any way that we can. Whether you want us to help pack up all of your stuff or provide boxes or transportation for the removal of your unwanted items. We have the expertise that you need and will do all we can to help your move go as smoothly as possible.

Hug-Condon is proud to serve the needs of our New Orleans community and take away some of the stress that comes with moving from a house to an apartment.

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