4 Tips for Moving During Hurricane Season

Tips for Moving During Hurricane Season | Hug Condon

Everyone knows that time of year when it’s a little more important to keep an eye on the radar or an ear tuned to the local weather. Coastal communities are on especially high alert for hurricanes after recent storms have devastated the areas. If you’re looking to move during hurricane season, here are some best practices that the pros at Hug Condon have been recommending consistently to keep you safe and secure:

1) Protect Your Home

Protecting your home’s structure during hurricane season is important even if you’re looking to move soon. You might have already sold the hole that you’re leaving, but you’re still responsible for its upkeep and care until the new owners are able to take legal possession and move in. Despite the additional hassles of moving during hurricane season, you’ll want to stack sandbags, board up windows, and take additional precautions as and when recommended by your local government and weather agency so as to protect your assets.

2) Maintain Your Home Insurance When Moving During Hurricane Season

A hurricane season relocation can seem like a hassle enough, but don’t let your insurance slip in the process. Once you have officially exited your previous residence and given the new occupants the keys, then you can cancel your policy or talk to your insurance agent about any readjustments to your new abode. This will protect you in the event that the storms hit your area so that you aren’t out both a home and an investment.

3) Keep Important Documents Close

If you’re relocating during hurricane season, then you want to keep your critical documents handy rather than shoving them into a box. Important documents include birth certificates, passports, titles, wills, and other ownership documents. It’s an intelligent idea to have them in an organized folder or file for emergency preparedness.

4) Let Professional Movers Pack for You

When a hurricane is approaching your home, time is of the essence. That’s why it’s best to let the moving pros at Hug Condon do your packing for you. Professional movers can pack your whole home in hours, while you and your family or friends might take days to just organize your belongings. This will keep you ahead of the storm while also streamlining your moving process.

Trust Hug Condon for Your Moving Needs

No matter if you’re looking to move out during a day of sun, wind, or rain, Hug Condon has you covered and safely boxed. Our experienced hurricane season movers have contingency plans for all situations and inclement weather so as to make the best decisions possible for your convenience and safety.

For your next move, reach out to us today via phone or email to learn more about our services or to get a moving quote from our team!

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