More Floods in the Greater New Orleans Area

Floodwaters threaten the Greater New Orleans Area once again. Many people fear for the worst as some flooded areas and the flooded Mississippi River bring back terrible memories from the 2005 floods caused by Hurricane Katrina. USA Today spoke with Linda Jackson, who lost her home as a result of flooding from Hurricane Katrina and is now president of the Lower 9th Ward Homeowners' Association. New Orleans appears to be safe after the Army Corps of Engineers opened two major spillways (Bonnet Carre and Morganza spillways) which seemed to level off the flooded river at about 17 feet by displacing the water over 1.3 million acres of homes and farm land.

The earlier prediction was set to be 19.5 feet which is dangerously close to the 20.1 foot floodwall, though if there is a breach they predict it will cause flooding far worse than that from Katrina. Local engineer H.J. Bosworth stated that the city is well protected and that the likelihood of a breach is remote, but some New Orleans residents are taking extra precautions such as packing birth certificates, property deeds and other important documents to store in a secure location. Some have even gone as far as to relocate.

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