Make Your Summer Move Easier

Summer Moving New Orleans

You’ve set the date of your big move – and it’s right in the middle of summer. While it may seem that moving during the summer is easiest, there are still a few considerations you should make before the moving vans arrive.

Plan ahead. From mid-May until the end of August moving companies are swamped with families and businesses moving all over the country. Ensure that you book yourCovington local mover in time to alleviate the stress scrambling to find a new moving company in time.

Choose a weekday. Because the summers are so busy, moving on a weekday is very helpful for ensuring that you receive the best service possible. Moving companies are not as busy, so your movers will have the time to concentrate on your relocation.

Take breaks. Both you and your movers are hot and tired. Taking short breaks with refreshments, as simple as water, can actually make your moving process more efficient, and your movers will appreciate your consideration.

Take precautions. The moving vans will be hot, and, depending on how long your move is, your items could be sitting in there all day. If you have fragile or heat-sensitive items, you may not want to leave them sitting in the moving van all day. Load fragile electronics onto the moving van last or move them in your own vehicle to prevent heat-related damage.

Turn it off. Keep in mind that your doors will be open for several hours at both your new home and your old home, so your home will be the same temperature as it is outside. You will pay the high price if you choose to leave the air conditioning on at both ends of the move.

When you are ready to book your Covington movers for your summer relocation, look no further than Hug Condon. We can offer you the complete and comprehensive moving services you deserve!

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