Make Your Move Easier with a Checklist

Moving Checklist

If you really want to make moving much easier on yourself and on your family, you need a checklist that covers everything you need to pack and do. So how do you go about deciding what should be on this checklist? It sounds overwhelming at first, but it's easier than it sounds. You just need time to think, so get started now.

Act it Out
What will you need when you first move into your new place? You'll need a few days' worth of clothing, plus basic sundry items like toothpaste. Will you need any specific books or non-clothing items? If you take classes, you may need to keep your books and supplies in a separate box that you'll transport instead of the movers.

Pretend it's the day you move. Once the movers have left your belongings behind, you're going to do things like eat and get ready for bed, and the next day you'll have tasks to complete, too. As you think about what you have to do, write down all the items you'll need to accomplish that. Keep those items in boxes clearly marked for you to take them so the movers don't mix them in with the rest of your stuff.

Look at Each Room
Next, walk from room to room and try to figure out how much you'll need in terms of packing supplies - and then increase that figure by 10 percent or so. If you come across a special group of items, like pet toys, create a sub-checklist detailing special arrangements you need to make there, like pet boarding reservations.

The Calendar Counts
You might not think a calendar can help you create your checklist past figuring out when to start packing. However, take a look at when your bills are due. This will help you create a checklist of services to transfer or stop, as well as who to contact about address changes.

Hug-Condon can take over once you've got everything packed - or we could even pack for you. Contact us to discuss what services you need when it's time for you to head to a new home.

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