Labeling Your Moving Boxes

Labeling Your Moving Boxes

Moving can be stressful, especially when you don’t know the best way to get started. Most think they are well prepared for and can comfortably handle a move; that is until they are caught up in the process. More often than not, getting things organized can be time-consuming and frustrating, and many put it off altogether, choosing to just pack a jumble of items into the nearest box they find. However, with a little forethought and some handy markers, labeling your moving boxes can make the process so much easier.

Importance of labeling your moving boxes
Labeling your moving boxes brings order to the moving process and settling into your new house. It also ensures the safety of the items moved; for instance, boxes labeled “fragile” can be handled with more care. Here are the must-know tips on labeling that will prove very effective in your moving process.

How to label moving boxes using colors
This method uses different colors for different rooms. Firstly, assign one unique color for the destination room, for example, “yellow” for the kitchen. Then, get your color markers ready and start labeling. In addition to marking “kitchen” or “bedroom” on them, specify the exact items packed in each box so you can know where everything is at a glance. Remember to include special handling instructions or warnings if necessary. Lastly, the movers may not know how to identify the colors with the destination rooms, so place a key or colored pieces of paper on the entrance of your destination home that correspond to the boxes.

How to use numbers to label your moving boxes
Number labeling entails using unique numbers for every box. It saves time as you will not have to include the details of every box on the sides, like the color-coding system. The process involves assigning a unique number to each container, then creating an inventory where the items of each box will be detailed and its destination room. For instance, if box 3 contains your cutlery, you can input this in your inventory list against number 3, then write “kitchen” and “3” on three sides of the box. This makes moving easier and quicker for your professional movers too as they will know where to place the boxes on arrival. Also, ensure you produce duplicates of the inventory in case yours gets lost, damaged or even packed in the move.

Moving is much easier when you use these quick labeling hacks. At Hug-Condon, our team is committed to ensuring your moving is stress-free. Contact us to arrange your move today.

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