Items That Shouldn’t Be Placed In The Attic

Climate Control Storage For Delicate Items

When it comes to storing items in your home, we are often limited to space. Many people decide to store most of their belongings in the attic, so it is out of sight and out of mind. However, storing certain things in the attic could result in unwanted damage. Your delicate items should be stored in climate-controlled storage units.

There are several reasons why your delicate clothing, leather, cotton, wedding dress, and other sentimental items should be in climate-controlled units. Insects, mice, and temperature can significantly damage your clothes. Leather would particularly benefit from climate-controlled storage, as well as fabrics that are prone to moths.

Wood and upholstered furniture also don't belong in the attic due to the risk of mildew, and the upholstery is susceptible to moisture. Storing your antique wood furniture in a climate controlled storage unit at Hug Condon could save your most treasured pieces.

In addition to furniture, we all tend to have important papers that need to be kept safe. The attic is not the place for important documents. The heat and insects could damage and destroy paper documents. Birth certificates, marriage licenses, and medical records should also be stored in airtight and fireproof containers.

Don't let your important items become damaged due to extreme weather and insects. You could store all your delicate fabrics, furniture, and important documents in a safe, climate-controlled storage unit at Hug Condon. Let us keep your belongings safe and damage-free.

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