Items Often Forgotten During A Move

Forgotten Moving Items New Orleans

When preparing for a move, we have a tendency to focus on packing the items that we see and use everyday such as the kitchen appliances and our furniture. You’d be surprised how many items get overlooked during a move, even after you think you’ve checked every room in your home! While some of these items may be easily replaceable, you can drastically save money by remembering to pack them. Check out the list of items we have compiled:

Wall & Door Hooks
Even though you use these daily to hang up your towels or jackets, they are easy to overlook. Make sure to check the backs of bathroom and closet doors, as well as lower cabinets.

Keys & Garage Door Opener
When moving out of a home, you’ll want to gather all extra sets of keys for the new owner. Extra sets of keys are often scattered throughout your home or hiding in the back of a drawer. Make sure to ask family members and neighbors to return any sets of keys they may have too. Don’t forget to remove the garage door clicker from your car or purse before you leave either.

Loaned items & Library Books
If you’re moving far away, you’ll want to gather any loaned items such as DVDs, Tupperware, or household tools. After moving out of your town, it will be much harder to get those items back, or even at all. Also, while packing up books, make sure to look out for Library books so those don’t end up being packed away resulting in a late fee.

Outdoor Plants & Gardening Tools
Since you’re so focused on packing up and cleaning the inside of the house, it’s likely that you’ll completely forget about items surrounding your house. Items such as outdoor potted plants, garden tools, and bird feeders are often overlooked but can be expensive to replace. For larger potted plants, make sure to pack them into the truck last so they are the first items to come out. For smaller plants, it’s best to remove them from their containers. You can wrap the roots with damp newspaper inside of a plastic bag while transporting.

Smart Home technology
Home automation items are advancing and becoming a normal part of our day to day lives. If you’ve replaced your light bulbs or thermostat to be smart home automated, it is very important that you gather those items since they will be costly to replace.

We understand that moving can be stressful, and with that stress, it’s easy to overlook or forget even the most obvious items. After reading this list, we hope it will help you be more thorough during your move.

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