How to Properly Pack Plants for Moving

Pack Your Plants Properly for a Move

When moving, one thing to consider is your household plants. If you're transporting plants to your new house, you'll want to plan well in advance. Here are some tips you can use when packing houseplants before moving.

Check the Restrictions

Contact the local authorities to find out whether it's legal to import plants to the area you're relocating to. To prevent the spread of pests, insects, and diseases, some states don't allow people to move with certain types of plants. Check out the National Plant Board site to get information on the requirements of every state.

Preparing Your Plants

Get your plants ready for moving two weeks in advance. It's advisable to remove plants from ceramic pots that may break easily during transportation. If you have to water your plants, do it a couple of days before your moving date.


Prune your plants 10-14 days before moving. Pruning is a great way to promote new growth. Nevertheless, some plants like succulents and ferns do not need pruning.

Separating and Wrapping

It's easy to re-pot seedling and houseplants. However, you'll need to individually wrap shrubs if you want to move your garden to your new home. Cover your plant's roots with enough soil and wrap the base with a plastic bag to maintain the moisture.

Get Rid of Pests

Consult a plant specialist to find out how you can kill the pests infesting your plants if any. To exterminate pests in time for your move, you may need to use flea powder, set off a bug bomb, spray insecticide, or use a flea collar.


Use suitable boxes to pack your plants. While smaller plants can be put together in boxes, it's advisable to place larger plants in separate boxes. Line each box with plastic bags to avoid water and soil damage in the boxes.

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