How to Pack Heavy Items for Moving

Moving Heavy Items

Packing and transporting heavy items is a very stressful part of moving, particularly if your heavy items are also breakable or were very valuable. You should take extra care with your heavy items to ensure that they stay safe during transport. Here are some tips to help you pack up heavy items for moving and ensure that they get to your destination safely.

Disassemble Large Items
If your heavy items also happen to be very large, don’t try to move them in one piece. Instead, take everything apart and pack each component separately. This will ensure that everything stays safe and make it easier to move too.

Assess Whether or Not You Really Need It
Before you go through all the trouble of packing up something heavy, determine whether or not you actually need it in the first place. In many cases, it ends up being easier to sell your furniture than move it to the new home, only to discover you don't need or want it anymore. Focus your energy on objects that have sentimental value and then leave the rest. With the popularity of Craigslist, it’s easier than ever to sell your items.

Use Several Layers of Wrapping and Tape
When packing heavy, breakable objects, it’s not enough to just use one layer of wrapping. Everything should be completely supported, and you should fill any empty spaces in the box with a light packing paper. The same goes for tape - purchase a thick, heavy-duty tape and wrap it around the box several times. Use the tape to reinforce all of the corners, seams, and sides of the box to provide extra support. More tape will be more effective, so don’t be afraid to go a bit overboard.

Invest in Durable Boxes
When moving heavy objects, you need to ensure that you have boxes that are strong enough to handle the challenge. Look for the thickest boxes available, and check to see how many pounds they can safely hold. This will ensure that your items stay in place in transit.

Use these tips to help make moving heavy objects easier. With some forethought, the process doesn’t have to be too difficult.

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