How to Keep Fragile Items Safe During Your Move

Moving Fragile Items

So, you’ve finally arrived at your new home after months of packing and planning. What an exciting time! You take the box labeled fragile from your car, open it up, and see your grandmother’s vintage glass in pieces. As scary as this may sound, there are ways to prevent your fragile items from breaking. Follow these tips and there’s no need to worry!

Pick the Right Size Boxes
Picking the right size box is one of the most important factors in keeping your items safe. Think of it as your first line of defense. If you use too big a box, your items have too much room to slide around and break. Choosing too small a box won’t leave room for the extra packing material needed to protect your items.

It’s a good idea to set aside all fragile items and your preferred packing material before choosing a box. Look at how many items you have and do your best to pick a box that will fit these items. Picking a box that is just right will greatly reduce your chances of items breaking. Don’t forget to label your fragile boxes!

Choose the Right Packing Material
There is a wide variety of packing materials available. Picking the right material is essential in protecting your fragile items. So, which one should you choose?

If you have odd-shaped glass items or dishes, sheets of bubble wrap will protect them. You can cut and customize the size you need, then wrap and tape in place. Foam sheets or Styrofoam material work well to keep items from clanging together. Use these as dividers or wrap items that are less breakable but still need some cushioning. Packing peanuts are another great choice for added protection.

Set Aside a Spot for Boxes Labeled Fragile
You can take all the precautions you need to protect your items, but if your fragile boxes get crushed during your move, nothing will protect them. Make sure to set aside a special place for your fragile boxes. Carry them in your car or hire a moving company that understands how to care for your fragile items.

Broken items can be a nightmare but with these extra precautions, there’s no need to stress. A little extra care goes a long way!

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