How to Find a Moving Company You Can Trust

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Moving isn’t easy – in addition to preparing your home and making arrangements to live somewhere new, you’ll have to consider whether you want to handle your move yourself or rely on professionals. While DIY moves can help save money, it is usually best to rely on Professional New Orleans Movers if you are moving long distances, or have fragile and high-value items to move.

There are dozens of moving companies in the New Orleans area, and all of them make promises of quality and reliability. So how do you know if you’ve found movers in New Orleans you can trust? The dedicated team at Hug-Condon recommends starting with the following:

Make sure that your potential movers are BBB-accredited before making any calls! Though BBB-accreditation is not the only indicator of quality, it is a sign that your movers don’t have a large number of dissatisfied customers filing complaints.

Customer Reviews
Seeing what other people have to say about their moving experience with a particular company is often helpful. Sites like and Angie’s List feature reviews and ratings from previous customers. Neighbors and friends who have moved with a particular company are also a valuable source of feedback! Check out some of our reviews here.

Helpfulness During Your Free Estimate
The best way to evaluate whether a moving company is right for you is to see how they act during your in-home estimate (which should always be provided for free!) If your movers don’t seem concerned with answering your questions and requests in as much detail as possible, they’re probably not the best company for you.

Hug-Condon is the BBB-accredited New Orleans moving company you can rely on for a seamless, stress-free journey. Give us a call today to receive your free consultation and estimate!

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