Going the Distance


It's been an eventful summer for Hug-Condon, New Orleans, and the USA! In the Orleans sports scene, our Saints are looking GREAT preseason.

New Orleans Saints

On Saturday the Saints took down the Arizona Cardinals in the Hall of Fame game in Canton, OH by a score of 17-10.

Brees is playing exceptionally well executing a touchdown drive in his one and only trip down the field. He's still the Superbowl MVP caliber player that we know him to be. The offense was clicking with a TD in the 1st quarter topped with FG and TD in the second quarter.

Nothing has slowed down despite the dramatic off-season that ensued. The Saints are still a top-tier team that are expected to make a deep run in the post-season.

London Olympics

This summer has been an exciting and momentous time to be glued to the Channel 6 WDSU and other NBC stations to catch every moment of the Olympics.

You most likely have been able to catch a match of your favorite sport (unless you're cricket or baseball fan).

Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, ends his London campaign with 4 gold and 2 silver medals. Over his Olympic career he has amassed a mind boggling 18 gold medals with 2 silver and 2 bronze medals for good measure. He has stated that this will be his last Olympics and won't participate in 4 years in Rio. Usain Bolt annihilated the toughest lineup ever collected for the 100m dash final. Bolt in signature style won the race in a World Record time of 9.63 seconds. That is unbelievable speed! He is only the third person EVER to defend a 100m title. The last person to do this was the legend Carl Lewis.

Not much time for him to celebrate as he still has the 200m and 4x100 races left in his schedule. There is no doubt that the 'World's Fastest Man' is the heavy favorite to take the 200m title.

New Orleans Moving Season

Bringing it back to New Orleans, here at home Hug-Condon has been working and moving like our Olympic athletes. We're in peak season of the moving industry and working overtime to assist our communities in their relocation needs.

We've been working all day every day to accommodate the demand of the moving season and let us tell you there's more than our share. Just as our own personal Public Service Announcement, "If you need to book a move during the summer months of July and August book them weeks if not a month ahead." There are so many moving requests that we get filled up for weeks in advance. Don't count on being able to hire a mover on short notice.

Take a stroll down the neighborhood and you're bombarded with For Sale, Sale Pending, and SOLD signs in front yards. With housing prices and mortgage rates being at record lows, combined with homeowners short selling or foreclosing, there is a huge turnover rate in the housing market.

Hug-Condon will work with you and your special circumstances to implement your individualized move. If you're relocating out of Louisiana then give our team the opportunity to handle your move. We are the trusted interstate movers in New Orleans that know what it takes to make your long distance move as successful and possible.

We begin with a free in-home estimate, packing and crating options, and have the best drivers around to get your possessions to your destination. Give us a call at 504-534-8953 to get a free quote on an interstate move!

Have a great week New Orleans.

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