Fun Activities for Kids during a Long Move

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Making the decision to move from one state to another is not always easy. In most cases, work and other commitments make us want to move long distances. While the moving process can be overwhelming to homeowners due to various preparations, children also face some difficulties, especially if they are not used to long-distance travel.

The thought of having to make new friends, adjust to a new environment or even change to a new school can be traumatizing. Fatigue and boredom during the trip add more pressure to the kids; hence the need to keep them entertained. You can make moving fun for kids by considering the following tips.

Carry some drinks and snacks

Buy your kids’ favorite snacks and pack them ready for the long trip. Letting your kids know that they will be enjoying their favorite bites will make them look forward to the long journey. Ensure you have a cooler to store the snacks so that they remain as fresh as possible.

Keep them engaged with interesting games

Kids like to play, and one of the easiest ways to capture or divert their attention is by providing gaming tools. It is important to have a wide variety of games in case they get bored with one. Some of the interesting games they can play include:

• Tactile activities such as Lego
• Alphabet game - this is an easy game to make and play
• Bingo and ‘I spy’

Carry some audiobooks and movies

Pack some interesting audiobooks or movies that will keep the children entertained. You can download some kid plays and movies onto your tablet or laptop before the moving day.

Use a treasure map to make the trip interesting

One of the best ways to make the trip interesting is by coming up with a treasure map that shows various stops. This will be a milestone kind of journey, where you make a stop after reaching a given destination. The treasure map should include some landmarks as part of the stops, and the new house as the ultimate goal or prize.

Stop at fun places for kids

Instead of preparing meals for the long journey, stop at restaurants that have kids amenities. This will give your kids time to relax and have fun.

Keep your children entertained throughout the long moving process and journey by considering the above fun activities. If you are in need of a reliable moving company, contact us.

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