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New Orleans is home to a variety of festivals, parades, and cultural events. Living in such a culturally rich city means there's always something fun to do!

Mardi Gras

The exact date of Mardi Gras changes from year to year, and is based on when Easter falls each year. 47 days prior to Easter, Mardi Gras day is observed in New Orleans. Since Easter always happens between March 22nd and April 25th, Mardi Gras always happens on a Tuesday (Fat Tuesday) between February 3rd and March 9th.

Trying to figure out when Mardi Gras falls next year? We've done the digging for you, so you don't have to figure it out yourself!

Future Mardi Gras dates:

2022: March 1st
2023: February 23rd
2024: February 13th
2025: March 4th
2026: February 17th

Popular Mardi Gras Parades in New Orleans:

Krewe of Rex
Krewe of Endymion
Krewe of Zulu
Krewe of Bacchus
Krewe of Barkus
Krewe of Carrollton

French Quarter Festival

This 4 day long festival is usually held in April each year. With more than 400 musical acts on over 20 stages, there is a large variety of musical styles to enjoy. Taste classic New Orleans food, listen to great music, and enjoy the beautiful spring weather while being a tourist in your own city!

French Quarter Fest 2022 is April 21 - April 24

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Jazz Fest is one of the city's largest celebrations of music and art. Usually held between April and May each year, you can hear a variety of great acts, from worldwide stars to local musicians. You'll be surrounded by great food, great music, and the opportunity to see acts you may not usually have the chance to see!

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2022 has been rescheduled for April 29 - May 8

Bayou Boogaloo

Another fantastic music festival in New Orleans is the Mid City Bayou Boogaloo. Usually held in May, this New Orleans-style music party is a great way to soak in some great live music, local food, and some handmade arts and crafts.

2022 Bayou Boogaloo will be held May 13 - May 15

Greek Fest

Held in late May, the Greek Fest is a great opportunity to learn more about Greek heritage and culture. Authentic Greek food, music, dance, and arts are the cornerstone of this great festival. This festival is held in New Orleans, in the Lakeview area.

The 2022 Greek Fest will be held May 27 - May 29

Essence Festival

Held between June and July, the Essence Festival is one of the nation's largest festivals featuring leading R&B, Hiphop, and Rap sensations. Not only are there a variety of singers (from more classical singers such as Diana Ross to more contemporary singers such as Master P), there are speakers holding talks during which they share their knowledge and wisdom.

The 2022 Essence Festival will be held June 30 - July 4

Dirty Linen Night

While you may be familiar with the phrase "White Linen Night," you can't be too surprised to hear that New Orleans has added its own twist to this popular art event. Each year on the second Saturday in August, Dirty Linen Night is held on and surrounding Royal Street's art galleries. Dirty Linen Night is a great evening for enjoying some drinks, browsing art galleries, sampling a variety of classic New Orleans foods, and enjoying everything New Orleans has to offer.

Check back for updates on Dirty Linen Night

The list goes on!...

This list is only scratching the surface. There are over 60 great festivals and concerts held in New Orleans each year, with even more being held in surrounding cities (including the Northshore area). New Orleans is no stranger to great food, great food, and fun.

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