Reasons to Move During Fall

Fall Moving with Kids

Planning a move during Fall can be a pleasant experience, especially when you factor in the likelihood for cooler (or, less hot) weather. There are a few reasons that moving during the Fall can be beneficial. We'll run through those, as well as provide a few Fall moving tips!

Fall Moving Tips

Kids & School: One of the most challenging aspects of a Fall move is potentially having to switch schools after the year has started. Consider getting to know your children's new school so that you can prepare them and help them make the switch. Contact your children's new teachers, check into uniform policies, find out what the curriculum differences may be, and see if there are any clubs or events you can be involved in when you're in your new town. Your involvement, if possible, may help your kids adjust a little easier.

Leaves & Pine Needles: During Fall, our Southeast Louisiana trees shed leaves and our pine trees shed massive amounts of pine needles! Be sure to clear any piles of leaves or pine needles from walk ways that your movers will be using during the loading or unloading process. Safety first!

Garage Sale: Don't waste time packing up items you don't wish to keep. Since Fall is a nice time of year, consider having a garage sale to get rid of your unwanted items. Garage sale shoppers are likely to be out if it's a nice weekend, and you'll make a little cash off of items you wouldn't have used anyway.

Other General Tips: These tips are specifically geared towards a Fall move. Want to read some other great moving tips? Check out our Moving Tips page here!

Benefits of Moving During Fall

Flexibility: Most moving companies agree that Summer is "busy" season. So, if you're moving during Fall, you'll have much more flexibility in choosing your moving date and time since moving companies aren't quite as busy.

Weather: Even though Louisiana doesn't enjoy a nice long stretch of mild weather during the entire calendar "Fall" season, our temperatures do become more tolerable for a while. It's much nicer to be packing, moving, and unpacking when temperatures aren't in the upper 90s! Especially since you'll have your doors open for extended periods of time, it'll be nice that your home won't be very hot when it's finally time to start unpacking.

Mosquitoes: Thankfully, when the weather cools down, mosquitoes give us a much-needed break. Enjoy moving without being bitten by mosquitoes, as well as not having to worry about letting mosquitoes into the house.

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