Beat The Heat - Moving in the Summer

Summer Move New Orleans

Moving is always a challenge, but moving in the summertime can be particularly difficult with the rising temperatures. A little bit of advance planning, as well as using some tools to help you beat the heat, can make your moving day much more efficient and successful. Here are some helpful tips for surviving a summer move.

Get started early
Temperatures are going to be cooler earlier in the day, so give yourself a nice head start and get the hardest part of the move done before things warm up. Ideally, you should start with the heavy lifting and most physically demanding tasks during this part of the day, when you have more energy and are less likely to work up a sweat.

Stay hydrated
The heat can really zap your energy over time, and this effect can be compounded if you aren't drinking water. Keep a large water bottle with you throughout your moving day, and refill it as soon as you notice it's empty. Drinking enough water will prevent you from getting tired during this challenging time.

Don't leave items unattended in the heat
Many of the items you are moving are going to be sensitive to the heat, particularly if you leave them out in the sun as well. Be aware of which of your items are heat sensitive and make sure they are safe during the moving process. For example, plants, perishable food, candles, and some electronics can be severely damaged by the heat.

Do a cleanout before the big moving day
Since moving in the summer is already stressful, you don't want to add any more stress by moving items you don't even use anymore. Host a garage sale or donate items to charity that you don't use on a regular basis - you'll feel lighter and ready for a big change.

Using a professional moving company can make moving in the summer much easier. Having a professional team to do most of the heavy lifting can take away much of the stress of making a move, whether you're traveling across the country or just moving one block over. Hug Condon is the leading movers in New Orleans - contact us today to learn more about our services.

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