A Big Move Brings Big Opportunity to Baton Rouge

Hawker Beechcraft Aviation is rumored to be moving to Baton Rouge, bringing the major company, facilities and corporate headquarters to Louisiana. This is a massive development for Baton Rouge, as the airport moving to the city will bolster the local economy, creating new jobs and new money. This is the first major industrial development the city has seen in a few decades, and is anticipated to bring great things to Baton Rouge.

Hawker Beechcraft Aviation received a huge offer from Louisiana, causing its relocation from Wichita, KS. The governor of Kansas is scheduled to meet with the machinist union and Beechcraft today to decide the where the company will relocate. What do you think of the company’s relocation to Baton Rouge? Will the new development, money and jobs boost the economy, or will the cost of building and relocating the company prove to be too much for the city?

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