7 Strategies for Packing With ADHD

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You’ve committed to the move, and now it’s time to manage the packing. However, for individuals with ADHD, focusing on packing tasks can present a challenge. Moving in general is enough to cause at least some level of stress, and stress only makes ADHD worse in the moment. In this article, Hug Condon explores ways to manage ADHD while packing for a move so that relocating is a pleasure no matter where you’re hanging your hat next!

1) Make a List of What You Need

When packing with ADHD, it’s easy to become distracted. Sometimes it’s better to keep a list in your pocket or on your phone that contains all of the items that you know you’ll want to bring with you to your new place. By making a list of the most important items to bring with you, you’ll be able to have them at hand quickly at your new home. Consider what you use on a daily basis, then from that list, think about the items that you use the most. These are the most important things in your daily routine, so make sure that they’re packed together or close by.

2) Eliminate What You Don’t Need

When you’re finished with your list of must-haves, your next step with ADHD and packing is to get rid of the excess. By eliminating the things that you don’t need, you’ll make the hauling and unpacking process smoother. Best of all, the sooner you start getting rid of the items that you know won’t be making the journey with you, the sooner you can start packing with ADHD effectively and efficiently. Since ADHD can be so distracting, getting rid of excess things to think about will help you manage your move with less stress and headache.

3) Make a Moving Calendar

The best way to go about packing for a move with ADHD is to always keep on top of progress as best as possible. This means that making a moving calendar will help hold you accountable. People with ADHD are more likely to accomplish the things they write down, so by jotting deadlines and dates for packing things will allow you to feel the motivation to get your packing done without needing to crunch right before your big move.

4) Get Your Packing Supplies in Advance

The sooner you get your supplies for packing with ADHD, the better. Just like your calendar, having your packing supplies on hand will remove excuses for you to ignore all of the items that have yet to be packaged for relocation. You’ll never get anywhere with ADHD and packing without your supplies, so the next time that you go out to buy anything, make sure that you pick up what you need to move. Good supplies for packing with ADHD include:

  • bubble wrap
  • cardboard boxes
  • packing peanuts
  • strong packing tape
  • a safe box cutter

When dealing with packing and ADHD, getting distracted can lead to a series of events that takes you away from the important task of preparing to move. That’s why when you get your supplies, try to purchase them all at the same time so that you won’t need to worry about distracting yourself each time you need to step out for an additional resource.

5) Pack in Steps

After you have your packing supplies and your calendar marked with deadlines, the next step for successfully packing for a move with ADHD is to start packing items in steps. Most people, even those without ADHD, won’t be able to pack everything they own for a move in a weekend, so don’t put additional strain on yourself to do so. One of the most effective strategies for packing with ADHD is to pack one room at a time, one quarter at a time. For especially larger rooms, packing things in quarter segments will allow you to feel like you’re progressing while still giving you the wiggle room needed to get things done with your unique condition.

6) Have a Plan for Unpacking

Just like getting ready to move with ADHD, unpacking boxes with ADHD can be just as fraught with distractions. Essentially, you will want to unpack your items in phases just like you did above. Reversing the process proves to be very effective when unpacking with ADHD, meaning you won’t have boxes sitting around in the corners of your home for the next few years while you forget where you put your can opener! A secret to unpacking efficiently is to organize your boxes for moving and unpacking in a way that allows you access to the most important items you want to open and set up first.

7) Make Some Time to Reflect and Unwind

You did it! You’ve packed, moved, and unpacked, and now it’s time to soak in the success! When moving to a new location, it’s normal to experience emotions like anxiety and excitement. However, packing and moving with ADHD adds an additional layer of complexity to the mix that creates strain on the mind and body. Taking time to look after yourself once the job’s done and the journey is over means that your nerves will be soothed for the foreseeable future, and you’ll be ready to face your next challenge recharged.

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